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The Italian Publishing House leader in finance, fashion and luxury information for the upper class
Class Editori has developed various partnerships in the publishing business in order to provide a better response to the needs of the customers. Class Editori has accordingly been able to develop new information services by capitalizing on synergies arising from alliances with leading companies in specific market segments.

In Italy, Class Editori S.p.A. has a major working relationship with Mediaset. The latter company has held a 20-percent interest in the Class CNBC since the television channel was incorporated. Class Editori and Mediaset have also reached an agreement to develop interactive services for television; this agreement contemplates a partnership to coordinate the strategic options for technologies to be used in interactive television (types of set top boxes, software applications, and partnerships in the procurement of customers).
Since 2001 GE and Nbc Universal became partner in Class CNBC.

When it comes to international alliances, Class Editori has a solid and long-standing relationship with Dow Jones & Company, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal. The most recent initiative undertaken by the two leaders in financial news is MF-Dow Jones News, the world's leading financial and economic news agency in the Italian language.
This venture has broadened the series of multimedia partnerships already in place between Dow Jones and Class Editori. At the beginning of 2001, Dow Jones Newswires and Class Editori set up an Italian-language press agency, Dj-Mf Tech Market News, focusing on leading high-technology companies in Europe and in the United States. During the same period, MF/Milano Finanza, Class Editori's main newspaper publication, began to feature, on a daily basis, two pages of news from The Wall Street Journal in the Italian language.

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