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The Italian Publishing House leader in finance, fashion and luxury information for the upper class
 About us
Class Editori is a publishing house leader in business and financial news, fashion, luxury and lifestyle information in Italy. Founded in 1986 by Paolo Panerai, it has developed over the years exploiting the opportunities offered by technology, to become a multimedia group providing news and contents across all media and tlc platforms. The group's portfolio encompasses daily newspapers, as MF/Milano Finanza, ItaliaOggi and MF Fashion, magazines in Italian language (Capital, Class, Gentleman, Ladies, Patrimoni, MFF, MFL) and in English (Global Finance, Lombard) and real time information with the newswire MF-DowJonesNews, a joint venture with Dow Jones & Co.

Class Editori has a unique positioning in Italy for tv channels, with a television bouquet which includes Class CNBC (in partnership with Nbc Universal and Mediaset), Class TV Msnbc (in partnership with Msnbc and The Weather Channel), ClassHorseTV, ClassTV Moda and Class Life. Class Editori tv system is completed by its Out of Home TV network, the leading one in Italy, with four different channels with screens positioned in key locations in the main Italian airports, in Rome and Milano subways, in the public transport system in Bari, Rome, Milan, Padua and Siena and along the Italian motorways system.

Technological platforms for interactive financial services on satellite, broadband and digital terrestrial television, corporate tv services for banks and businesses, and radio (Radio Classica/Milano Finanza) complete Class Editori digital media system, named Class Digital Media.

With it's Web portals www.milanofinanza.it, www.italiaoggi.it, www.classmeteo.it (in exclusive partnership for Italy with The Weather Channel), with newspapers and ClassHorseTV applications for smartphones and tablets, and with the apps integrated in major smat tv brands (Philips, Samsung, LG) Class Editori provides business and financial news as well as precise weather information and forecasts to private investors, companies and professionals. Besides, Milano Finanza Intelligence Unit produces analysis and newsletters dedicated to online traders .

Through MF Pro and on-line platforms MF Trading and MF Web, real time services (data plus news) are offered to the market. These services have been adopted by many leading Italian banks for their customers.

Besides, the publishing house organizes and provides multimedia events, workshops and conferences through MF Conference and Creative Solutions companies, allowing advertisers to customize their communication projects at their best; through its subsidiary Assinform-Dal Cin Editore, a leader in its field in Italy, provides professional training services.

Below is a timeline of key facts

1986 Class, Milano Finanza (weekly)
1987 Global Finance, Lombard
1988 Campus
1989 MF (daily)
1991 Italia Oggi
1993 Case & Country
1997 MF Sat
1998 MF Fashion
1999 MF Trading (M now Patrimoni)
2000 Cfn/CNBC, e-Class
2001 Radio Classica, Fainex, Class Fashion, restyled Gentleman & Luna
2002 La7, Class Professionale, Gentleman (monthly), MF-Dow Jones News
2003 MF Personal, Circuito Milano Finanza - Classica, Patrimoni, Class CNBC Mobile, Digital Terrestrial Television (Class News), the new Milano Finanza, Gentleman Spanish edition
2004 MF Sicilia, the new MF Fashion
2005 Radio Classica News, Cfn/CNBC becomes Class CNBC, new Mf, Class Life, restyled Case & Country and Class, the new Patrimoni and Capital
2006 WorldSpace Italia (satellite radio), Gentleman Belgian and Turkish editions
2007 MF Fashion in inglese, MF Thomson, Nuova LUNA, Gentleman Real Estate, Gentleman Bulgarian edition
2008 Honyvem, Gentleman Estonian edition
2009 Ladies&Gentleman, Gentleman Greek edition
2010 MF Fashion and www.mffashion.it in Chinese, English and Russian, ClassHorseTv, TV Moda (now called Class TV Moda), Class TV Msnbc
2011 Moby

Information about the company

CLASS Editori S.p.A.
Business Headquarters: Via M. Burigozzo, 5 - 20122 Milano
Capitale Sociale: €10.560.751,00
Companies Register : REA Milano n. 1205471
Partita IVA : 08114020152

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